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Pink Balloons
  • How long do helium balloons last?
    Helium filled foil balloons will last about 2-4 days Helium filled latex balloons with high float (included in the price) will last about 36 hours
  • What is the best helium balloon care?
    Don't leave helium balloons in a hot car or cold temperature, it may affect float time. Keep helium balloon out of direct sunlight and away from elements of heat. ​ Same day delivery or pick up is recommended.
  • How long do air filled balloons last?
    Air filled latex balloons will last for about 2 weeks to a month (or more)
  • What is the best balloon care?
    Don't leave balloons in a hot or cold temperature and keep balloons out of direct sunlight and away from elements of heat. Balloons shouldn't be left unattended in a vehicle either in summer or winter. Keep balloons away from sharp objects, lights, an even surface. Avoid touching balloons with oily hands. Children should always be supervised around balloons. Keep balloons away from pets, balloons may burst and cause a choking hazard. Keep in mind foil balloons may shrink in cooler temperature, but they will expand back to size once in room temperature.
  • What are your recommendations for Outdoor Installation?
    The great part is that The Sun makes balloons turn matte and look beautiful. BUT …There are some tips to follow. We recommend balloons to be set up under a shaded area. Light colours will look amazing, dark colours not so much (Still direct sunlight will affect the balloons) We recommend Setting up as close to the start time of the event as possible. Balloons will last in good shape, but if it's too hot, some balloons will pop, or if it's too windy, it may not stay in place the way you want it. Alternative plans are always appreciated in case of bad weather or limited space. We guarantee you that we use BEST balloon quality, yet some of them will pop outdoors. Balloons are not designed to be exposed to heat, and unfortunately, we can't be responsible for it after we leave the installation. Usually chrome colors need a special treatment, and we do it. Custom colors display - need some tips that we usually go through with our customers during installation.
  • How do I confirm my order?
    No order is confirmed until we receive the deposit (50% of your quoted price).
  • How early in advance do I need to place my order?
    We recommend ordering two weeks ahead.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Deposits are non-refundable. A Digital Voucher will be issued towards future orders (expires in 6 months).
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